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Live Blackjack is a very popular gambling activity that has its roots in ancient times. The rules of the game have not changed significantly, but modern technologies allow you to play with any person on Earth without leaving your own home.

Some of you may think what playing with a computer is not so interesting, you can be bored without visual contact with a real dealer, while the excitement and adrenaline are not so felt. That is why now quite often a game with a real dealer is offered in modern online casinos, which is done with a purpose to bring you even closer to the sensations of a real land-based casino.

Our broad selection of online games includes everything starting from casino slots to live table games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. You can enjoy a wide range of table game variations from the industry’s best software providers.

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What isUnlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split by Ezugi

Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split by Ezugi is a variation of blackjack with an unlimited number of players playing the same game against the real dealer. Bets can be placed on any table position. Specific pairs of cards feature an auto-split function to allow a unique gaming experience and more wins. In addition to the classic blackjack strategy, unlimited blackjack offers the additional bets "Perfect pairs" and the famous "21 + 3". To increase gameplay, auto-split functionality on certain pairs of player cards is built into the game rules, allowing an even more sensational and thrilling playing experience for players.


Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split by Ezugi contains many amazing features:

•             Available 24/7

•             Available on any device: Desktop and Mobile

•             Unlimited number of players can play the same game against a real dealer

•             Includes “Perfect Pairs” and “21+3” side bets

•             Exciting playing experience

•             Dealer tipping


How to play Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split by Ezugi

Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split by Ezugi uses 8 pre-shuffled cards. Each time when a new deck of cards arrives, they are put in the shoe by the dealer who deals them with a divider. Then the dealer announces the replacement of cards in the subsequent round. After a new set of pre-shuffled cards is started to use, the previous ones are removed. An extra shuffle has to be done before putting new cards in the shoe.

In Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split a player enters the table and waits for the other players to join. Then all players place their bet, which is usually a chip that is placed on a betting position. It is possible to place various chips in different positions simultaneously. There is a timer to indicate how much betting time is left. All players must confirm their bets either by pushing the Confirm button or auto-confirmation setting.

At the end of each round, payments for the winning bets are paid. A new round starts after the signal of No More Bets. Players can place their bets or press the Rebet button. If you wish to skim a turn, just do not place a bet on the table. A player automatically takes the Stand if they don’t make any move. After placing and confirming the main bet, players open doors for multiple bets where additional bets ensue. To take action after the round, players can use such buttons as Split, Double, Stand, Insurance, or Hit. If they choose Double, their balance reduces by an equal amount of their bet but the main bet doubles. The round is over when the player at the table scores over 21 (bust). No more cards will be drawn by the dealer.

Bet Options & Payout

Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split by Ezugi offers the following betting options

•             GAME, HAND, PAYOUT

•             Basic Blackjack: Blackjack 3:2

•             Player wins: 1:1

•             Insurance: 2:1

•             Perfect Pair Side Bets: Perfect Pairs 25:1

•             Colored Pairs: 12:1

•             Mixed Pair: 6:1

•             21+3 Side Bets: Suited Trips 100:1

•             Straight Flush: 40:1

•             Three of a Kind: 25:1

•             Straight: 10:1

•             Flush: 5:1


The Winning Strategy of Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split by Ezugi

To successfully use the unlimited live blackjack strategy, first of all, you should know when to hit or stand, split pairs, double down, make insurance, or surrender. For example, you have an edge over the house. In that case, there is no need to split or hit. In case you feel that there is zero chance to beat the dealer, then you can surrender or fold. In most cases, the dealer draws no more cards after 16 or 17.

Other important tips to beat the dealer are: Surrender Revert to hard totals unless you have 16 surrenders against 9 through Ace Do not surrender unless you got 15 surrenders against 10. Each unlimited blackjack offers you a chance to surrender. Make sure you are familiar with the rules at a certain online casino before the dealing of cards.


Always split if you have your hands on aces. Don’t split if you have 10s. With a pair of 9s, you can split against dealer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 but stand against dealer 7. Always split when you have 8s. Hit unless you hold a pair of 7s, 6s, against dealer 2 to 7 and 2 to 6 respectively. For pairs of 5s and 4s, split against dealer 5 to 9, and 5 and 6 respectively; otherwise hit. Then pairs of 3s and 2s always split against 2 to 7. Otherwise, you should hit.

Live dealer games from Ezugi

Ezugi is a relatively young brand specializing in the production of Live Casino games with a dealer. All its products are of high quality, so they are very popular among players. The history of the company began in 2013. During its existence, the brand has achieved significant success and became a part of leading software provider Evolution Gaming.

Ezugi's products are highly appreciated by both, users and gambling experts. The provider continues to add new games to its portfolio and creating new versions of games with live dealers. Ezugi is exploring the markets of Europe and Asia, opening new studios with modern design and high-quality equipment.

Professional and charming Ezugi dealers are attractive at first glance. Their smile and pleasant nature are combined with stylish clothes, which vary in color depending on the studio. For example, in Latin studios, dealers wear black. All dealers are well trained and have a high degree of professionalism.

For the convenience of players, the games have additional statistics that allow you to analyze the game rounds, thereby increasing the probability of winning. The company strives for greater realism in its games, so it regularly adds new functionality. For example, in addition to the opportunity to participate in a game that is broadcast from a land-based casino, players can leave a "tip" to the dealer they like.

Ezugi operates under the license of the Curacao Gambling Commission. Its software has been tested by the independent organization iTechLabs.


Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split with a real dealer is thought out to the smallest detail. The player independently chooses the display mode: you can use the classic or video mode. If the player decided to play with the classic display mode, then two parts of the panel can be seen on the screen.

In the center of the screen, you will see a picture with the image of a dealer who works in the studio. The live dealer deals with the cards and announces the points, but in fact, you can easily turn off the broadcast. Depending on your wishes, you can make a close-up image of the dealer or switch to the video mode. It is very simple to control the whole process – you hover over the image, and three buttons are displayed. The left panel contains information about the bet, the history of hands, and the winnings.

The right panel is informational. Here you can find all the necessary information about betting restrictions, server time, or the game code. From here you can go to a special chat to communicate with other players and the dealer. You can even get an answer to your question verbally.

At the bottom, you can watch the table. This is the normal display mode. The Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split assumes that it is in this part that bets are made. There are also chips, bets, and other important information.

Then you can get familiar with the cashier's window, the menu, and the text window. After the bet, you have the opportunity to control the gameplay. The video mode is a picture with the dealer, or rather a video stream, on top of which the main windows with useful information about the game and for controlling the game are superimposed. You can customize the game for yourself. Since there are many parameters and options provided in the settings section.



The Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Splitis a fascinating game that allows you to show your intelligence, and not just try your luck. This is an excellent opportunity to play not with a random number generator, but to follow the game in real-time. This is a very exciting and interesting game. Communication with the dealer sometimes takes place online, and sometimes through a chat.

A lot of small cameras allow you to monitor the process of playing, dealing cards, so you can catch scammers. The casino does not allow any fraud, so the peaceful atmosphere will surprise you.While you’ll be interacting with an actual person, your identity will remain anonymous, which is reassuring for some players. 

The video is shot in real-time in a special room. Live dealers are ready to start the game, usually, it is a friendly and beautiful girl, who smiles politely and professionally perform their duties. The room in which the shooting takes place is equipped with high quality and made in an exquisite style. You get everything to spend time not just well, but efficiently and with pleasure!

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The Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Splitis open 24/7, so you can always test your luck.

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