Online Casino Slang Everyone Should Know

From this article, you will be able to learn the most important online players’ slang. Quite often, newcomers, going to play online or communicating on forums with other fans of this pastime, face problems of misunderstanding, often feel uncomfortable, and can’t fully understand the information. Knowledge of the gambling slang used in the online community is one of the main criteria for success. If you want to understand the casino slang it is not so difficult to learn it. In this article, we would teach you the casino slang every player should know.
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The phrase "Online casino" originates in the nineties, when the history of the modern online gambling industry was just beginning to develop and captured more and more large groups of people from all over the world. Below are the main gambling terms you should be familiar with:

Account - this is one of the most important terms with which the player begins his acquaintance with the online casino. The account stores all personal information about the player, statistics of his games, and the availability and use of bonuses. Also, with the help of an account, the user performs all their financial operations – depositing and withdrawing real money. Amount - these are the cash amounts that you are going to put into your casino account, or, conversely, withdraw them to your bank account or e-wallet.

Ante – this term is related to some card games and means the initial bet. In poker, the ante is made automatically by the system at the beginning of the hand. If the participant passes the next round of bets, he will be required to raise it. In case of refusal of the game, the pass-ante is burned.

Bank or Cashier - part of the online casino program, a platform where the player can make transactions with their money, financial calculations. Here the player sets the easiest and most profitable option for depositing and withdrawing funds. Here, comp points are exchanged for chips or real money.

Bet – the bet is done by the player during the game. Betting limits, Table limits - the values of the highest and lowest allowed bets.

Bonus - a reward from the casino, it can be issued in the form of promotions, guest chips, promo offers, or expressed in monetary terms. All Bonuses are awarded to the player under certain conditions and have their own agreed rules regarding wagering and accrual.

Bust - this is a situation in which in blackjack, there is a loss. The player, choosing the cards, gets more than the allowed amount of points in the game. Insurance-the term of the card game blackjack, meaning insurance, which is used when the dealer has an open ace, from the appearance of a winning combination from the opponents, giving a total of 21 points.

Call - occurs when the player is ready to continue the game and increase the bet. Although, there are options when the bet size remains the same. Cashier, Bank, Deposit, Cash-in - the deposit of funds by the client to his account in the casino. Cash-out or Withdrawal-on the contrary, the withdrawal of the player in any way of their money to an electronic wallet or bank account. Chip - casino chips, of different denominations. With the help of chips of different denominations, bets are made. Standard chip values used: $1, $5, $25, $100, $500.

Coin - a term that occurs when playing slots, a type of payment. Coin denominations can be in the size of 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, $1.

Deal - after pressing the Deal key, the cards are dealt at the table.

Dealer, Croupier - the so-called representative of the casino, which is a rival for the participant. The dealer deals with the cards, roll the dice, spins the roulette wheel, and accepts your bets. Download - this is the name of the software version when for the application to work, it must first be downloaded to the hard disk of your home computer. To start the games, the user will have to run the program every time. And, on the contrary, No-download is not a downloadable version of an online casino, which works just on the site. The operation of such casinos is based on web technologies and takes place entirely on the Internet. These resources are based on flash technology or Java programming language.

Double - the term of blackjack and video poker, when a participant decides to double his bet, thereby simultaneously increasing the risks and the opportunity to win a large amount. Many people say that this is the only way to break the bank, to win a significant amount.

Jackpot - hit the jackpot, get a very large amount. This is only possible if you get a certain, rare combination. The jackpot accumulates simultaneously with the losses of other users and is the goal and cherished dream of any player. The size of the jackpot starts with the minimum number and increases due to deductions from each bet made.

Hand - a list of cards that fell out when dealt with the player or dealer.

High-Roller - a participant who plays big and makes large monetary contributions. In some casinos, a player receives the status of "VIP-player" when adding more than a thousand dollars to his account.

Hit - in blackjack, take another new card from the hand. House Edge (casino advantage) - everyone knows that only the casino itself always wins. The percentage of the average winnings for the casino is automatically calculated from the sum of all the wagered amounts. Therefore, it is clear that the bigger the game is, the more profitable it is for the institution.

Lobby - the main page of the casino, where the client can get any information, go to the bank, choose a game, learn about promotions and read the news.

Loyalty - when a customer becomes a member of the loyalty program, according to the rules of the system, game points begin to be awarded for the bets played. In the future, the participant will be able to exchange them for money.

Newsletter - and email from the administration, which may contain new offers, information on bonuses, and tournaments.

Martingale - a strategy based on mathematical theory, which has already become a household word. It is based on doubling the bets when you lose. It is considered a "win-win", although it does not work like many other roulette strategies. It has many varieties and options, but you need to know that often, playing martingale, you can lose faster than usual.

Multiplayer - participation of several real players at the same table. The game usually turns out to be interesting, more diverse, although it goes a little slower. There may be mistakes, miscalculations of the players, which you can take advantage of. Similarly, Single player is a single client game with a casino, a single player. Paytable - a summary paytable that shows all possible combinations and the number of payouts for them, used in poker and slot machines.

Payout – the ratio of the amount won to the number of bets placed. Percentage of payments.

Player - the same as a gamer, a person who wants to spend free time in the game zone and earn money.

Raise - an increase in the poker bet during a buy-in trade. The amount of increase is determined by the rules of a particular game. The bidder can respond by placing the same amount, or he can continue raising the bid and make a Re-Raise.

Roll - in Baccarat or another game in which dice are used, the Roll key means throwing dice and starting the game.

Slot- is the slang name of any slot machine. There are "classic "one-armed bandits" and video slots.

Software (soft) - allows the user to carry out the game process and guarantees the implementation of the agreed rules that do not allow the casino to deceive players. For example, the use of knowledge about the cards already issued in the layout.

Spin - a special button, after which the slot begins to spin, the roulette wheel.

Stand - in blackjack, stop the hand, leave the current hand in the hands of the players.

Surrender - you can cancel the game at any time, but for this, you will be charged a certain amount equal to half of the bet. Another option for refusing to play Fold is to throw cards on the table. Here, the bets placed are not returned.

Terms and Conditions - certain rules of the casino. The most important points to pay attention to first of all are the conditions for the player to win back bonuses. There are also restrictions on participation in the game for some users. When you start using a new platform, be sure to carefully read its terms.

Wager - the total amount that must be played to the client to win back the bonus received by him. Only by placing bets on this amount, the client has the right to withdraw funds from the account.

Gambling has always been considered fun entertainment. Today, with all gadgets available, online gambling has firmly entered the daily life of many people. We hope that this new terminology not scaring you. Don’t worry, you get used to it very quickly, especially after talking with players on the forums. We wish you to master all the slang words and nuances of the game as quickly as possible and learn how to get a drive and enjoy a pleasant time while gambling.

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