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But before you start to gamble - Learn How to Play Blackjack!

The playing field for Blackjack

Blackjack is played at a special card table that can accommodate up to 10 players in an online casino. Blackjack cards are divided into 3 types:

1. High Cards — Nine (9), Tens (10), all cards with a face (Face Cards) and Aces (A).

2. Low Cards — Two (2), three (3), Four (4), Five (5), and Six (6).

3. Neutral cards — Seven (7) and Eight (8).

Before the game starts, or when the dealer changes, the deck of cards is replaced, a mixed deck is given for the game session, when it ends at 1/3 approximately, the cards are shuffled and added to the deck. In general, this process is done to prevent the player from counting the cards for winning at the casino. In an online casino, the shuffling of cards is virtual, except for the game with a live dealer, where the process is saved as in an offline casino.

Counting cards in Blackjack

To start playing Blackjack correctly, you need to know how many points each card has, this knowledge is necessary since the scoring should take place in seconds, and then a decision is made for further action. Each card in the Blackjack game has a certain value. The sum of the points of all the cards in the hand is called hand value.

• Ace— 11 points or 1 point, depending on the situation. In general, it is worth 11 points. If the total amount of points in a hand with an ace counted at 11 is more than 21 points, then the ace is counted for 1 point.

• Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Tens are worth 10 points.

• Cards from two to nine — from 2 to 9 points, respectively. The suits of the cards in Blackjack do not matter, at least in the classic version.

Blackjack rules

Blackjack rules are very simple, especially if you have already read the previous information and memorized some of it. Blackjack, BJ, or Black Jack is a popular card game in which participate the dealer of the casino and from 1 to 10 players, the game is played against the dealer. The basic goal of the game is to collect 21 points or get a Blackjack (Ace+10 card). The game is played with a classic deck or decks (up to 8) of 52 cards without a Joker on a special semicircular table.

The main task for the player in Blackjack is to defeat the casino in the face of the dealer, gaining more points in his hand. To score 21 points is not a goal here, but an opportunity to beat the dealer and get more money than if you just scored more points. A new player, when he sees the phrase "score 21 points", will strive to score them at any cost, constantly losing, and sometimes you need to stop at 16 or 15 points to win. Once again, the goal is to score more points than the dealer and win.

The Blackjack Psychology

In Blackjack, the same as in other games (except poker), practical skills and experience are very important. We think that there are no game strategies that can guarantee you a stable big jackpot. Blackjack differs from ordinary card games because it allows you to win again and again! To achieve this, you need to have a cold mind and well-defined tactics. However, we would like to emphasize that knowledge of tactics alone is not always enough. The key factor for success in Blackjack is the psychological aspect. Often, even the most experienced players sometimes do not understand the importance of their behavior. After all, in gambling, the emotional side is no less important than the level of your training and knowledge. Below are encountered some important things you need to consider to win and play responsively.

Bad luck. Often you can see how an experienced player is completely lost if he has to lose again and again. Of course, the most common reason for the loss of an experienced player is temporary bad luck. Sometimes people just tend to blame someone for their failures, but in this case, there is nothing you can do about it. Bad luck is an integral part of gambling. That is not possible to win all the time. If you feel, that Fortune has chosen someone else today – stop the game and leave. Save your money so you could return another time.

Playing with fear. If a player needs to win today at any cost, he is a typical example of a player who may lose everything. To succeed in Blackjack, you need clarity of thought and calmness, and if your head is busy with something else, you are nervous and uncontrolled, it is better to stop playing.

Excessive confidence. Yes, that is a problem too. This often happens with very experienced players, whose confidence is based on their knowledge and experience, although this may lead to their imprudence. However, no Blackjack strategy will help if the player has started a bad luck streak. And they always happen! Anyone familiar with gambling knows that it is impossible to fight it. It is often possible to observe how a sense of superiority gets the better of judgment, which leads to silly mistakes, which then cost the player a lot of money.

We suggest you play Blackjack and other online games only then you are calm, in a good mood, not nervous, and want to have fun. The best thing about online casino games is that they can be played anywhere, anytime! All you need to do is get online and you’re ready to go!

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